Like any excellent modern day city, Chiang Mai is a location exactly where you can satiate your gadget lust and will need for technologies simply and promptly, and you will obtain fewer areas exactly where you can invest in an complete desktop Computer, custom-constructed, for much less: affordable computer systems, affordable unlocked cellphones, peripherals and accessories like Bluetooth headsets, speakers, keyboards, HDMI or USB cables, and mice are readily readily available almost everywhere-in reality 7-11’s have began promoting headsets and mini-speakers to go with your netbooks, smartphones, or iPods. If you are just right here to stop by, it is also additional beneficial to invest in highly-priced gadgets in Thailand and claim tax refunds when you depart which can net you back rather a bit of money. In specific, you can obtain them gathered into IT sections or digital malls at the following places:

Panthip Plaza

Positioned on Chang Klan Road in the Evening Bazaar (also recognized as the Evening Marketplace), the Panthip Plaza is a miniature version of the renowned digital buying mall in Bangkok of the very same name. Even though significantly smaller sized in scale than its older counterpart, it also has the benefit of getting a great deal much less cramped, much less noisy, and getting a tiny additional class: the creating incorporates a dental clinic, a Shabushi restaurant, and the Fuji Japanese restaurant as nicely as a meals court on the major floor, plus a SE-ED bookstore and various coffee outlets. You can obtain computer software, games (Computer, XBOX 360 and PS3 alike if you are a tiny retro, you can also invest in incredibly affordable PS2s), digital cameras, and hardware elements ranging from RAM sticks, external USB drives, graphic cards, energy provide units to LCD monitors big and tiny. There are also various shops in the creating that will let you opt for these element components and assemble them for you at no additional charge: the option, if you will, to Newegg if you are living in Thailand. This way, you can get your self a incredibly highly effective gaming desktop for almost half the value you would have paid in the States, United Kingdom or Australia. At the time of writing, there is just about absolutely nothing on offer you for these seeking for a new shiny smartphone. Even so, there will be an HTC shop opening quickly at the Panthip Plaza if you happen to be seeking for some Windows Telephone 7 or Android goodness in your life.

Siam Television

A glitzy electronics shop that sells every thing from washing machines and ovens to the most current and greatest HDTVs and 3D televisions from Samsung, Sony, and LG. Naturally their catalogue incorporates laptops and netbooks from major brands like but not restricted to Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Dell and HP as nicely as smartphones, function phones, and all the peripherals they entail.

Laptop Plaza

Situated in the Old City region by the canal on Manee Nopparat road, this digital mall is incredibly comparable to the Panthip Plaza but has the disadvantage of getting rather older and a tiny grubby about the edges. It provides a variety of goods incredibly a great deal like Panthip Plaza’s, having said that, but is a great deal farther from the Evening Bazaar and somewhat additional inconvenient to attain if your accommodation is not in its quick vicinity.

Laptop Square

Adjacent to the Laptop Plaza provides comparable custom computer systems shops, computer software, and hardware elements.

Central Airport Plaza

The third floor of the Central Airport Plaza is devoted just about totally to technologies: what ever section you are in you will be seeing a lot of, a lot of brands of computer systems and certainly the most popular names have their personal shops right here, like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, and Acer for laptop or computer makers. For smartphones OEMs, you can count on to obtain a good, classy shop displaying HTC’s most current and greatest (Need HD, Remarkable S, HD7, and Mozart) displaying off their vibrant AMOLED or Super AMOLED displays and the most current version of Android. If you are following a Television or two, there are Sony and LG shops devoted just to these also, with the latter also providing smartphones such as the surprisingly reasonably priced dual-core LG 2X operating on the Nvidia Tegra two technique on a chip. Nokia is also represented in a pretty big shop and you can obtain a Nokia service center just opposite the buying mall itself. Off to the side, subsequent to the IT City shop, you will obtain a lot of smaller sized cellphone counters that invest in and sell secondhand devices (these days not restricted to just phones but also iPads, the Blackberry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab as nicely as an Acer Iconia Tab or two), which is rather perfect if you are the sort of gadget lover who requirements to switch handsets or tablets each handful of months-sell yours, gather the dollars and off to get a shiny new a single.