Personally experiencing a complete up-front version of virtual reality with you immersed inside as the star player, is the ‘in-thing’ in modern day digital technologies ideal now. Immersing your self in three-D ‘what if’ scenarios, ideally of your personal creation – the early versions of the ultimate in Star Trek holodeck simulations – is the name of the virtual reality game. Of course you currently encounter virtual reality 24/7/52. Something and anything you encounter is courtesy of your sensory apparatus, your memories, and your general state of getting as a conscious, self-conscious getting. If all reality is skilled solely inside your thoughts then you currently exist in a virtual reality ‘world’. That is in particular the case when you dream. That could also actually be the case. In that Star Trek virtual reality holodeck, some characters have been actually actual and some characters have been practically actual. What if in this (holodeck) globe you are in fact a single of these virtual reality characters? Welcome to the globe of virtual reality.


What follows is in a way my personal playing a “what if” situation ‘game’.

There is a lifelong virtual reality situation that plays out inside your skull from the time you create a affordable facsimile of a brain till your death. This unfolding virtual reality situation, get in touch with it consciousness if you will, is getting continually upgraded as you continue to acquire new sensory information from outdoors (outdoors getting external to your skull). But the contents of this ever unfolding mental virtual reality situation (I never actually want to get in touch with it a ‘game’), your mental path via life from birth to death, do not endlessly raise. Your brain is not a black hole receptacle that can suck in anything that externally comes your way.

At any and each provided moment only component of the general virtual reality situation your thoughts finds itself in is front-and-centre. That is fairly significantly what you are conscious of in the instant right here and now. Other components are stored away as memory, in your subconscious, out of sight and out of thoughts till required. But by far and away most of this virtual reality mental computer software just dissolves away back into bits and bytes. More than your lifespan you are going to neglect 99.999% of what you ever skilled. These bits and bytes will just be reused, recycled, reassembled as expected – the raw supplies from which the subsequent episode of complicated front-and-centre virtual reality conscious encounter plays out. Other bits and bytes are lost through heat and other waste goods to be replaced by your intake and breaking down of meals, air, water, and so on. So your brain just is not an endlessly absorbing sponge or dump of bits and bytes. Translated, more than your lifespan, bits and bytes in will fairly significantly equal bits and bytes out.

The identical with our simulation – if simulation there be. There is the hugely structured NOW exactly where the bits and bytes are assembled into our perceived virtual reality landscape. All of the assembled bits and bytes that created up NOW, now dissolve back into their basic elements to be reused, recycled and reassembled for the new, subsequent, upcoming NOW. In other words, all of the computer software that is now previous tense, that has served its goal and has come and gone, can be reused, recycled and reassembled into the computer software expected that is however to come – of the future however to unfold.

If the initial thoughts analogy is not adequate, believe of a single of our personal simulations, be it gaming, education or “what if” study. Only a component of the complete is active at any a single time and, in the initially two instances at least (gaming and education) below the manage of the user (i.e. – the player or trainee). So at any a single time, presumably the NOW time, only a little fraction of the gaming, education or “what if” situation computer software is operational. That is all the pc require deal with from moment to moment. That NOW fraction. As issues evolve, new computer software comes into play and old computer software retreats into the background in a dormant mode. As a result, you can have a huge quantity of computer software, say sufficient to simulate the whole visible Universe, but only a little fraction is getting played out and processed at any a single time – as a result you never require huge computing crunch energy to simulate an whole Cosmos due to the fact not all of the simulated Cosmos is in-your-face in any NOW moment.


Now the only reality that you have ever recognized is the reality you come across your self in ideal now. You have by no means recognized any other type of reality even even though you know some actual, and some possible other realities exist. You know there has to be some sort of reality inside a Black Hole but specifically what that is, no one knows, and even even though there is speculation that our whole Cosmos is the inside of a Black Hole, you are likely assuming that you are not inside a Black Hole reality. You know there is virtual reality mainly because we have developed pc simulations however you are not a character in a single of our video games. Potentially, there could possibly be the reality of added dimensions according to string theory. Nonetheless, the only reality that you have each recognized is ideal right here and now.

Considering that you have by no means skilled any other reality except the a single you presently come across your self in, you have no other reality that you have skilled that you can examine and contrast this reality to. For that reason, this reality could possibly certainly be “an very elaborate simulation”. You never know a single way or one more due to the fact you only have a single information point to operate with.

Now it could properly be that say the Cosmos of The Simulators would call for say 100,000 pc crunch energy units to simulate a single-on-a single. Alas, The Simulators only have 100 units of pc crunch energy on tap and so have simulated a 100 pc crunch energy mini-Cosmos. That is us that is our Universe by the way. No close to infinities require be entered into, which reflects the sort of pc crunch energy units we have expended. We have not more than-taxed our readily available systems of pc crunch energy.

Now The Simulators, operating their simulation which is our mini-Cosmos (our Universe), could properly have a unique perception of time relative to what they have simulated. In other words, probably a single ‘minute’ of their existence equals a single decade of ours. Or, just as we can speed up or slow down a DVD, so to could The Simulators manage their simulation. They could speed up or rapid-forward via the boring bits and slow-down when issues get exciting.

Of course nonetheless intelligent we are is all pre-programmed in a simulation, so we could possibly not be programmed to be intelligent sufficient to detect a significantly less than ideal simulation. Which brings me back complete circle. Considering that the only reality we know is this a single, how can we examine what is and is not “ideal”? Some issues could possibly strike us as anomalous, but we cannot examine existences and degrees of perfection, due to the fact we’re stuck with the a single reality we come across ourselves in.


Even if the Simulation Hypothesis is false, you nevertheless ‘live’ or ‘exist’ in a virtual reality, thanks to your self. You ‘exist’ inside a virtual reality mainly because all of your external actually actual reality is altered by your personal brain’s internal mental computer software to match inside your skull. Considering that actually actual reality is not inside your skull, what you perceive there has to be virtual reality generated by your brain’s mental computer software.

Video games, education simulations, “what if” study scenarios are all two-D. Depth is an illusion generated by the computer software.

Now say you climb up to the Observation Deck of the Empire State Creating (or equivalent) and take in all of the vast external landscape spread out just before you. Now clearly that volume of space you see can’t match inside your skull, however that is specifically exactly where it is due to the fact 100% of your actually actual reality is actually now inside your skull but as virtual reality. All the things external to your skull is perceived and filtered to match comfortably inside your skull. Just like in a simulation, the dimensionality is transformed. Left-ideal and top rated-bottom are compressed to match and depth is once more illusionary. Your external globe possibly three-D but your perception is two-D – just like any other virtual reality simulation.

You never have sufficient bits and bytes inside your skull to accommodate all that you see, so quick-reduce compromises are getting created by your brain’s mental computer software in order to match what you externally see to match that view that is now inside your skull.

I can’t match inside your head but if you saw me, that is exactly where I’d be thanks to the photons reflecting off of me and into and via your eye and on to your retina therefore converted to electrical impulses which transmit as electrical signals into your brain which reconstructs identical back into a virtual reality version of me that now can match inside your skull.

In minimizing the vastness of outdoors (your skull) to the compactness of inside (your skull), that is displaying an economy of scale. There has to be a loss of information in this compactification of a substantial quantity of volume thrust into a tiny volume (your skull). Lots of stuff gets left out. So in reality there could possibly be comparatively small similarity among the actually actual reality out there and the virtual reality inside your head. It is like saving a single in each ten letters that is in the text of a book or other document. It is the identical with any simulation. There is by no means a a single-on-a single correlation.

This idea of virtual reality all in the thoughts is also nicely illustrated by the reality that you dream. Your dreams are internal to you. They are virtual reality. Your brain’s mental computer software can make hugely, really hugely realistic dreams and dream scenarios. And as with the case of the translation of a vast external reality shrunk down to match inside your skull, your dream landscapes are mini versions of what would exist, if they exist at all, ‘out there’.

How about memory? Say a single hundred days ago you did a single thousand issues from waking up and acquiring dressed, to going to the bathroom and generating up the bed, to generating, consuming and undertaking (washing) the breakfast dishes, from going to the retailer to get milk and bread, to watching this and that show, reading this book chapter, going out dancing, posting bits and pieces right here – thousands upon thousands of possibilities. Presumably your neural processes did not discriminate among all of these a single thousand activities that you did a single hundred days ago. But a single hundred days on, you could possibly keep in mind say just two out of these a single thousand issues that you did, however you created no conscious choices about what to keep in mind and what to neglect. So apparently there is a computer software plan inside your neural networks that decides for your conscious self what to neglect and as a result dumps these nine hundred and ninety-eight activities into the recycling bin and deletes it all. So there is deliberate design and style that removes any and all unnecessary clutter and deliberate fine-tuning by defining specifically what is and what is not clutter.

Now take the two issues you do keep in mind – say a single of which was this new catchy tune on the radio. Now you never have inside your brain any of the common technological memory retention devices like really hard-drives, USB sticks, LPs, CDs & DVDs, pieces of paper, celluloid film, punch-cards, and so on. So what specifically is storing these two activities from a single hundred days ago? It likely has to be chemistry of some sort. Considering that I cannot believe of any type of recognized chemistry (atmospheric, nuclear, cooking, blood, soil, organic, inorganic, bio, and so on.) that incorporates memory, how is this new catchy tune stored?

Oh, there is a single other memory storage device – computer software.

So, to conclude, you are, as is anything else you perceive and therefore come to terms with, virtual reality thanks to your personal computer software. Now did that computer software arise naturally or was it implanted by an external indicates?